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Warranty And Terms of Use

Please follow our instructions provided below for all of our brass and stainless steel products.

Instructions for use : 

– Do not use detergents containing chlorine or its composites. Products such as bleach, hydrochloric acid, lime remover and etc. may lead to corrosion by staining the product and disrupting the structure of the metal alloy irreparably.

– The vapor created after cleaning the environment where the product is with acid cleaning agents or cleaning agents containing abrasives has to be removed by ventilation.

– Avoid using abrasive sponges and wire hand scourers which can cause scratches.

– Avoid leaving a damp cloth or wet sponge on the product to prevent water stains.

– You can clean the product by using soft cloth and soapy water and drying with a dry cloth after.

– Please use your products in accordance with the intended use.

– Please place the dustbins buckets at least 50 cm away from the toilet, sink and shower.

– Please have your product installed by a qualified plumber.

– Please have your Led mirrors installed by a qualified electrician. Make sure that insulation and all of the external electrical parts are completely secure.


Installation Instructions: 

– Our products can be installed easily. You can mount the product on the wall according to the instructions written on the box.

– Firstly determine the location of the product which you will mount on the wall and then provide balance with bubble level.

– Mark the point which you have determined by fixing the wall pin thereon. Drill the marked locations by driller and insert the dowels inside through these holes.

– After fixing the wall pins with screws place the badge thereon. Then fix the badge to the wall pin with setscrews.

– Attach the remaining parts to the badge according to the model of the product.

Warranty Period: 

– Warranty Period is 5 years for our chrome-plated accessory products which are made ​​of brass. As for PVD-coated products, Warranty Period is 10 years against defects resulting from manufacturing.

– Warranty Period for our mirrors and glass products is 1 year against defects and problems resulting from manufacturing

– Check the products you want to buy from our dealers before purchasing

– Have your warranty certificate stamped by the dealer where you purchased the product and keep it during the warranty period. If you experience any problems please apply to our dealer with your invoice and warranty certificate.

Warranty exclusions:

Following situations are not covered by the warranty:

– Blackening and scratches in the product caused by chemical materials,

– Scratches and breakage due to errors during installation,

– Damages that may occur as a result of atmospheric events or as a result of the use of the product in the external environment,

– Surface deterioration caused by prolonged exposure of the products in an environment where the construction activities take place

– Damage that may occur during transportation.