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Production Technology

DKR carries out all stages from mold production to coating and product control with its innovative and modern production line, with ISO 9001 - 2008 quality understanding.

Production Units

– Product mold preparation
–   CNC lathes
–   Polishing line
–   Plating line
–   Products quality center

Raw Materials

–   MS 58  Brass Rod
–   MS 63  Brass Pipe
–   MS 63 – 70 Brass Sheet
–   304 – 430 Stainless Steel

Zamak raw material is definitely not used in the main bodies of our accessories with the DKR logo.


Nickel – Chrome Plating

Firstly, our products which are taken to the nickel plating section reach a thickness of 12 microns after waiting for 20 minutes in the plating pool.

The products then will reach a thickness of 9 microns after waiting for 30 seconds in the chrome pool.

Our chrome-plated products are subjected to quality tests at regular intervals. Quality of our products which have 96 hour corrosion test (salt spray test) is constantly kept under control by ASTM B117 standards in our contracted laboratory.

PVD Coating

Durability, strength and beauty! Accessories that can withstand wear and tear are needed even in the most modern and functional environments. Advanced technology + aesthetics + function; these three properties are offered to your esteemed side with our products, to which PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is applied.

This wonderful coating which is applied to all bathroom accessories ensures protection against adverse atmospheric conditions such as sunlight, humidity and erosion and provides features that will prevent the loss of aesthetic beauty for many years. Furthermore PVD coating is also a completely environmentally friendly technology and ensures reliability in terms of hygiene thanks to its surface’s not being scratched and its ceramic-like inorganic structure which prevents the growth of bacteria.


Our products with PVD coating have a surface coating warranty period up to 10 years if they are used in compliance with the terms of use.